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Myself Belts - Belts Kids Can Fasten Themselves Print E-mail

myselfbeltsmyself-belts Most toddlers "do it myself!" ideas send parents running for the hills - or at least to the nearest hardware store to load up on enough childproof gear to cover any big ideas your little tot might have. But there are some things we wish our kids could do all by themselves - undress quickly enough to use the bathroom without any assistance, for instance?

Look no further than Myself Belts, the greatest pants-keeper-upper since, well, the normal belt. Without the hassle of buckles and loops, these ingenious belts attach themselves to the child's belt loop, and let kids do the rest. Myself Belts close with a secure velcro front that allows for easy opening and closing, so that Mom no longer becomes the bathroom gate keeper.

myselfbelts-designs Give your child a sense of independence, especially during the potty-training stage, when learning to "do it yourself" is crucial. And for a little added fun, Myself Belts don't just come in brown leather but also in ABCs, sailboats, fire trucks, and more adorable patterns.

Next time your child asks to do something independently, make sure his idea involves a Myself Belt, and not a hose, soap, and the dog!