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Lyss Stern

  **** This interview took place in March 2006 ****

Lyss Stern, founder of Divalysscious Moms answers the Savvy Mommy 7

What inspired you to start Divalysscious Moms?

The idea for Divalysscious Moms came from my own personal need to be social, spend time and share experiences with my newborn son Jackson. It was not only important for me to take care of my son but as a new mom I needed to satisfy my own needs as well.

Becoming a mother made me realize my lifestyle was changing and I needed to change with it. The first thing for me was to network and make new friends who share the same concerns and interests as me. As a new mother I am always looking for ways to take advantage of the cultural and social events that the New York City has to offer. After Jackson was born I realized that not many day spas, movie premieres, department stores and cooking classes were very baby-friendly. That's when I decided it was time to launch Divalysscious Moms!

What’s your definition of a Divalysscious Mom?

A Divalysscious Mom is a woman who feels even sexier, stronger and Diva Fabulous after she has a baby. A woman who understands loving your child does not mean losing yourself and that being a mom is the most important time of your life. Divalysscious Moms is all about getting moms out of the house to have fun with and without baby. It's all about taking care of you. After all, baby won't be happy if mom isn't happy.

What advice do you have for a mom not happy in their present job wanting to start their own business in order to stay at home with their child?

If it’s not a financial burden, take the chance and do it.  There is nothing worst than looking back and saying "should of, would of, could of". Remember lifestyle is a huge change when having a baby. You can do it all as long as you set you priorities straight.

Has becoming a mother made you more confident? 

YES, absolutely! The fact that I carried a child for over 9 months, gained the weight, and got back to feeling sexy and savvy is instant gratification and confidence.

How has your previous job as a teacher helped you run Divalysscious Moms?

Teaching gave me tremendous patience, which is important when running your own business. I am also a leader and very out spoken and those leadership qualities developed through my teaching skills.

What do you say to mothers who think you are wasting two grad school degrees because you are a stay at home mom?

You can never have enough education!! Education is wonderful, and everyday I am learning news things just by running a business, I am constantly learning.  Learning is Power!

How do you find time to run Divalysscious Moms while raising your son? 

By staying on a tight schedule - my son Jackson always is number one priority, my work always follows and you just learn to manage. Its hard work and I love it!!!

What are you reading right now?

I am reading Goodnight Moon, by Margaret Wise Brown to Jackson every night before he goes to bed and Candace Bushnell’s new book, Lipstick Jungle, every Divalysscious Mom needs some mommy reading time to herself. Oprah Magazine also offers insightful tips on well being, lifestyle and everyday performance. 

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 **** This interview took place in March 2006 ****

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