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babydish-logobaby-dish-babybeready-bagSupercalifragalisticexpiali-Diaperbag! Finally, a solution for those of us who feel like Mary Poppins; constantly carrying around huge bags - digging through them in public, pulling out everything from Lego pieces to lampshades (...well almost) and never finding what we need.

From enterprising mommy Stacie Mindich-Jordan who suffered from "Mary Poppins Syndrome" comes BabyBeReady, an incredibly stylish little diaper bag that is pre-stocked and organized with all of those things you're always digging around for while on line at the post office.

The BabyBeReady diaper bag comes in 12 trendy designs, and is complete with no less than ten items you may need at a moment's notice. And we all know it's not a pretty sight when you find yourself halfway to grandma's house only to realize you are without a burp cloth or bib, changing pad, trusty pacifier and rattle, extra one piece or even diapers and wipes.

Oodles more stylish than your old "carpet bag," and with all of the "survival" items present and accessible in their own handy compartments, each of your outings is sure to be a very "Jolly Holiday" when BabyBeReady comes along.


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