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Foods restrictions while breastfeeding


Hi Victoria,
Are there any foods to stay away from when breast feeding?
— Irina, Eugene, Oregon


Katie Fogarty, mom of two, co-founder of Real Deal Productions LLC and co-producer of the award-winning DVD guide The REAL DEAL on Breastfeeding™ graciously answers this question -

After weeks of watching every bite and avoiding alcohol and caffeine during pregnancy, its no wonder moms are ready to indulge. The good news? Generally mothers do not need a special diet while nursing. Woman all over the world - with vastly different diets - breastfeed. There is little scientific evidence supporting the idea that certain foods cause gas in the baby or affect a mother's milk supply.

Similarly, sleep-deprived new moms can also start their day with coffee. Caffeine is allowed in moderation during pregnancy, so there are no further restrictions once the baby is born. Also, alcohol, again in moderation, is fine for a breastfeeding mother.  So cheers! A glass or two of wine or the occasional beer is okay! And when in doubt, consult with your doctor or your baby's pediatrician.

About Katie Fogarty:

Katie FogartyThe Real Deal on BreastfeedingKatie Fogarty is the co-producer of the award-winning DVD guide The REAL DEAL on Breastfeeding™. Garnering rave reviews - and a slew of awards - the REAL DEAL is the brainchild of two TV/movie producer moms who combined years of production and marketing experience to create hip, helpful, "been there, done that" advice for breastfeeding moms.

She lives in Port Washington, NY with her children Grace, 6 and Milo, 3.

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