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 The Internet isn't exactly a welcoming place when you are two years old. That is, if you can even surf it at all. My daughter usually just climbs up onto one of the chairs and hits a few keys on the laptop. Sometimes she closes a program. Other times she adds 'jfsmklrl' to one of my outgoing emails.

I found the perfect website for her to visit when we sit side by side in the computer room. It's called KneeBouncers and with one click your toddler can by entertained by educational games and animated activities with delightful sound effects, bright colors and even better - the ability to touch all the keys without erasing mommy's important business proposal.

Have an itty bitty one clamoring for your keyboard? Check out the 'Guitar, Piano and Drums' section on KneeBouncers. It's Natalie's favorite part of KneeBouncers.


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