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parentsofinventionlogo sidekick-3Lucy had Ethel. Laverne had Shirley. Far be it for me to mess with the idea of a winning sidekick combination. Now every mom can have a Sidekick - the only diaper bag on the market with a built in child carrier.

The JPMA award winning Sidekick diaper bag from Parents of Invention is compact yet it has enough pockets and compartments to hold everything you need -- all within reach. Think easy access to a bottle (inside the insulated bottle wrap), diapers and wipes (special pockets house those toddler essentials) or even just your cell phone -- how else are you going to call ahead and tell the play date host nap time ran late and you are on your way?

sidekick-4.jpgsidekick-6The Sidekick diaper bag and its accompanying changing pad are perfect to carry your six month or older child whether you use it to walk through a summer festival or run out to the grocery store and don't feel like pushing even the lightest of strollers. An adjustable weight and shoulder strap allows for comfort while wearing The Sidekick which not only comes with real simple instructions but also a flip book for those of us who need an actual demonstration.

But trust me, the hardest decision about The Sidekick is figuring out which of the three colors you want to purchase. At $80, it's an affordable piece of toddler gear so chances are you may end up purchasing two.

So the next time you are told strollers are banned from your favorite store or family travel destination, just smile because your Sidekick can be by your side.


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